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Lesaffre in Bangladesh

Providing baking professionals with bread-making solutions

Lesaffre has been selling innovative and functional bread-making solutions – yeasts and bread improvers – to artisan and industrial bakeries in Bangladesh. Lesaffre distributes its products throughout the Bangladeshi territory, using optimized logistics chain tracking and a very reactive network to satisfy our customers’ requests.


Another key aspect of our distribution service is the team of technicians available on site to answer Bangladeshi bakers’ questions. Close to the clients, they are particularly dedicated to training, technical assistance and promoting solutions adapted for specific local requirements.


Mobile application for Bangladeshi bakers


Discover Lesaffre&Me, a mobile application dedicated entirely to Bangladeshi bakers with a multitude of free services in the palm of your hand.


Recipes, technical assistance, products… a free tool, accessible on all platforms, that gives you exclusive access to various services 24/7!

Lesaffre: a global key player in fermentation

Yeast for bread-making is at the origin of Lesaffre’s history and reputation, a group founded more than 170 years ago. We provide craft bakers and the global baking industry with ferments (yeasts, sourdoughs) and bread-making ingredients (improvers, mixes, premixes etc…) that offer solutions for every need and fuel creativity.

For more than 170 years and throughout the world, we’ve been providing innovative and functional bread-making solutions for:


Craft bakers

food industry

Food industry
professionals and industrial bakers


Chains and instore bakeries


Restaurants and hotels

home baking

Home bakers

Working together
to better nourish & protect the planet

Ongoing, collaborative innovation


Since 1965, as experts in fermentation, we have worked on open, innovative methods with our worldwide clients, helped by universities and other partners of the future to develop new applications in the field of yeasts, its derivatives, bacteria and enzymes. 570 R&D experts work in conjunction with some 60 universities and research centers worldwide. Our shared objective is to develop high-quality products, the safety of which has been tested and proven. Innovation is the best possible means for ensuring our future growth, and thus the growth of our customers.

Forging ever-closer ties with our customers and ensuring an on-the-ground presence


The excellence of our product highlights all our undertakings. It attests to our unshakeable commitment to quality and supports our concern with customer satisfaction. With products marketed in more than 185 countries, we are more committed than ever to being a key partner for all our customers across the world. We have 66 industrial sites and 78 sales offices in 50 countries.

Ensuring a sustainable future by sharing spirit and expertise


Lesaffre encompasses 170 years of history built on tradition and the transfer of knowledge about a product that dates back 7,000 years with strong symbolic value – a product, moreover, that meets a fundamental human need – baking bread.