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Purchasing Manager


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Lesaffre works harmoniously with purchasing managers in Bangladesh to meet customer needs, target the best products aligned with production and simplify the product purchasing process regardless of the size of the bakery. We are careful to respect the confidential information exchanged with customers and suppliers; this includes the protection and encoding of documents as well as transmitted files.


Lesaffre distributes high-quality and consistent products for baking throughout Bangladesh, ensuring bread production performance, stability, yields and bringing you cost advantages. Our yeast and ingredient solutions are distributed all over the country, thanks to efficient logistics with our local partner A. R. Chowdhury. Any place, any time!

Our commitments to you and your customers



Lesaffre in Bangladesh offers training, personalized technical assistance in bakeries as well as commercial presentations of new products. We make our know-how available to professionals to identify unique needs and develop customized solutions with the particularities of each client.



Our Lesaffre experts work daily to serve industrial needs, guaranteeing irreproachable quality and the stability of yeasts and baking ingredients.


Commercial assistance

Consistent with the anticipation and innovation skills that have made its renown, Lesaffre in Bangladesh and its distribution partner – A. R. Chowdhury – have developed an offer of baking services aimed at bakery chefs.

food safety

Food safety

As a responsible company, Lesaffre is very concerned with food safety, the environment and the health if its customers’. Lesaffre does not use potassium bromate or ADA (azodicarbonamide) in its bread improver formulas.

Full bread-making solution offer

We provide you with solutions adapted to all conditions and production methods. Any place, any time!

Lesaffre Yeast brands

Dry yeast

An easy and ready-to-use yeast, effective in all production conditions.

Ingredients lesaffre brands

bread improvers

Lesaffre distributes a wide range of bread improvers in Bangladesh that are especially adapted to the country ‘s production conditions, to achieve better product quality and improved efficiency.


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