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Bakery Owner

bakery owner

We turn your business into success


Lesaffre supplies bakery owners in Bangladesh with well-renowned and performant baking ingredients, giving your breads the highest quality and stability.

Lesaffre yeasts and improvers enable the baker to improve quality and costings, more easily and give customers real pleasure overall with tasty products that fit their requirements.

Need technical support for your bakery operations?


You can receive training from our bread making expert who will support you and/or your workforce to make your development projects a reality or consolidate / develop your/their skills. For example: you have a one-off problem. Our technicians visit your production sites to bring you all their expertise and restart production as quickly as possible.

Thanks to this contribution, you have every chance of making this trial a production success!

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technical advice

Need business advices for your bakery?


Equipment costs, staff hiring, energy costs…multiple elements to manage for streamlining and minimizing your bakery expenses. Lesaffre technicians can help you developing a consistent and profitable business model with customized turn-key bakery solutions. For example: you would like to renew your oven to increase the production output. Power system, direct/indirect heating mode, dimensions, energy consumption, feeding system…many models are available on the market. The Lesaffre technicians will advise you with tips and suggestions to help you to get the best bakery equipment for your needs!

Need tips for diversifying your bread offer?


Bread is the cornerstone of your business; global and local market trends are fast-growing. how can you take advantage of this opportunity? Lesaffre technicians can help developing relevant bread ranges based on your customers’ expectations bringing you new products concept and innovations.


For example: pizzas are benefiting from a rapid and increasing popularity in the big cities of Bangladesh. Adding pizza to your product range is the perfect opportunity to develop your business by attracting new customers. Mixed platter with large pizzas, slices or mini pizzas…this model offers something for everyone!

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Our bread-making Solutions

We provide you with solutions adapted to all conditions and production methods. Any place, any time!


dry yeast

An easy and ready-to-use yeast, effective in all production conditions.


bread improvers

Lesaffre distributes a wide range of bread improvers in Bangladesh that are especially adapted to the country’s production conditions, to achieve better product quality and improved efficiency.

A mobile app dedicated to Bangladeshi bakers


Download the Lesaffre&Me mobile application to access personalized training and reliable information such as new recipes, problem solving tips, products information, resellers geolocation and bread-making problem solving.


Free and available 24/7!

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on our products


Find all our baking products – yeasts and ingredients – with photos and downloadable technical specifications sheets.

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Breads, brioche… Be inspired by our recipes, specially designed for bakery professionals.

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Reach the Dr Bread solution to find all the technical solutions for bread-making.

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Discover our network of wholesales near your bakery.


You want to learn more about our bread-making products and solutions offer?