Ibis Red bread improver - Lesaffre Bangladesh

Ibis® Red


Use best bread improver, use Ibis® Red.

Ibis Red

Ibis® Red is a high-quality bread improver specially designed to meet the requirements of Bangladeshi bread makers for producing premium quality breads with better volume, optimum white crumbs and balanced softness.


Lesaffre, a worldwide group founded in 1853, took the conditions and the difficulties of baking in this country into consideration and consequently created a unique formula to give Bangladeshi bakers the best improver.

iBIS bread improver


Ibis® is the brand of Lesaffre improvers you can count on.
It’s your source of daily performance with expert, easy-to-use technical solutions.

Which advantages does this offer to you?


Ibis® Red will give you a whiter and softer crumb than Magimix® Green and will still have Magimix® Green benefits.

  • Work of the dough
    • Quick dough development in the mixer
    • Less sticky dough and easier work of by machine
    • More dough extensibility
  • Proofing
    • Faster fermentation
    • Good gaz retention, with less collapsing
  • Bread
    • Good volume and Softness of the final product
    • Very white and fine crumb texture
    • Regular and nice shape

→ Product packaging: 10kg


→ Product shelf life: 24 months


→ Applications: Sandwich breads