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Magimix® Green

magimix green

Use Magimix® Green to maximize your bread making experience.


Magimix® Green is a value-added bread improver designed by Lesaffre, a worldwide leader in yeast and bread making solutions, to adapt with the various flour quality and also cater to the needs of Bangladeshi bakers to make variety of breads and buns.

Magimix® Green gives maximum benefits to the bakers in terms of quick dough development, faster fermentation, good volume and crumb structure and many more.


Which advantages does this offer to you?


Magimix® Green will give you a firmer crumb and a little less white one than Ibis® Red but will still have other Ibis® Red benefits.

  • Work of the dough
    • Quick dough development in the mixer
    • Less sticky dough and easier work of by machine
    • More dough extensibility
  • Proofing
    • Faster fermentation
    • Good gaz retention, with less collapsing
  • Bread
    • Good volume and Softness of the final product
    • Very white and fine crumb texture
    • Regular and nice shape

→ Product packaging: 1kg, 10kg and 25kg


→ Product shelf life: 24months


→ Applications: Sandwich breads