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Winning Duo: Saf-instant® Gold & Ibis® Red

A winning duo!

sf instant goldSaf-instant® Gold is the best yeast for sweet doughs and doughs containing calcium propionate (preservative); its formula has been especially adapted to bake the best soft breads. Lesaffre is the world leader in the yeast industry and has been producing ingredients and yeast since 1853. Its high-quality products enable bakers to make the best products, whatever the humidity and temperature conditions.


Saf-instant® Gold has many positive attributes: it’s easy to find throughout Bangladesh, it’s easy to use as the product doesn’t have to be rehydrated, it just has to be added to the baking mix and finally, it’s the best yeast available on the market, as products rise well and quickly.

Ibis® Red is a high-quality bread improver especially adapted to Bangladesh bakers by Lesaffre. Taking the country’s conditions and baking difficulties into account, a unique formula has been created to give bakers the best. This bread improver has multiple benefits for bread making: an improved volume, an optimum white crumb and a balanced softness. Lesaffre’s research and development hub guarantees the consistency and quality of the products it produces. Lesaffre is dedicated to the safety, environment and health of Bangladeshi consumers.

winning duo

To become the best!

Saf-instant® Gold and Ibis® red, the winning duo to become the best. Whether you are an aspiring cricket star or a world-class baker in the bread-making, you need the right combination to rise above your peers. Together with hard work and perseverance, this combination is the winning duo to become the best. It’s no surprise that every champion has a secret technique. Lesaffre offers this combination to give your dough the best…


Saf-instant® Gold and Ibis® red will improve the quality, performance and consistency of your bread-products, making them oven-fresh and invitingly delicious.