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Lesaffre in Bangladesh offers a full range of yeasts and bread-making ingredients combining high-quality, performance and consistency. In this range, find all the expertise of the world referent in bread-making, which distributes optimal and consistent quality, whatever your types of breadmaking products.


Lesaffre in Bangladesh is also a multitude of services at your fingertips. Whether you need a technical assistance to control your process, training to diversify your productions or advice to optimize your business, our experts at Lesaffre are at your service.


Throughout its history, Lesaffre has forged a strong sales presence in the field in Bangladesh to guarantee its local objectives. Lesaffre team and Lesaffre’s Bangladeshi distributor – A.R. Chowdhury – work in synergy and handle customers with care and attention.

What bread-making solutions for you?

A full range of bread-making solutions for bakery chefs, specifically adapted to the local weather conditions and to consumers’ taste.

Saf-instant® Gold

Saf-instant® Blue



Nevada yeast

Instant Success®

instant success yeast

Which bread improvers for you?

Ibis® Red


A mobile app dedicated to Bangladeshi bakers


Download the Lesaffre&Me mobile application to access personalized training and reliable information such as new recipes, problem solving tips, products information, resellers geolocation and bread-making problem solving.


Free and available 24/7!

mobile app Bangladesh


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