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Lesaffre in Bangladesh

Lesaffre has been selling innovative and functional bread-making solutions – yeasts and bread improvers – to artisan and industrial bakeries in Bangladesh. Lesaffre distributes its products throughout the Bangladeshn territory, using optimized logistics chain tracking and a very reactive network to satisfy our customers’ requests.

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Lesaffre’s objective in Bangladesh is to help
Bangladeshn bread-making professionals boost bread product sales.


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  • This film tells the story of how we produce yeast. In this short video, the different stages of the yeast production process (fermentation, biomass …)...

  • Energy can account for up to 10% of a bakery's turnover... Here are some tips to help you reduce your daily energy consumption....

  • The answer is simple: yeast has a cellular nucleus containing its DNA in the form of chromosomes, which is not the case of bacteria. Yeast is a living...

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Our main brands of yeast and baking ingredients.


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