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Baking Center™

On-site training


As key aspect of our distribution service is the team of technicians – from Lesaffre and our local distributor A.R. Chowdhury – available on site to answer Bangladeshi bakers’ questions. Close to the clients, they are particularly dedicated to on-site training with technical assistance and promoting solutions adapted for specific local requirements.

R&D training


The Lesaffre Baking Center™ welcomes you through an advice and support approach. Throughout the training, its aim is to both nurture mutual projects and create a relationship of lasting confidence with you. Excusive to Lesaffre customers in Bangladesh, our different training programs are offered and organized according to your needs and abilities.

Our R&D training represents the sum of its industrial, technical and scientific expertise and contributes further to its renown with its international coverage and an approach founded on the transmission and sharing of knowledge from baker to baker. Through its R&D policy and the technical support of its worldwide Baking Center™ network, Lesaffre works together with baking professionals to cater to new market needs.

Ingredients formulation


Improvers, milling correctors, deactivated yeasts and more… Lesaffre works hard to develop special baking ingredients that can be used at any point, from the mill to the bakery, providing appropriate solutions for any issue.

Sensorial analysis


Pioneer in the interpretation of the language of bread, Lesaffre Baking Center™ has created its sensory analysis Center, equipped with a laboratory for sensory assessment and analytical tools, available to customers. With the support of two expert panels, taste and texture, Lesaffre Baking Center™ helps its clients to:

  • Develop new products directly with its technical team,
  • Make a product that is almost identical to a targeted product,
  • Position your product in comparison with competitive products on the same market,
  • Give feedback on the taste and texture characteristics of your products.


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