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Commercial assistance

A global business with local presence in Bangladesh


Throughout its history, Lesaffre has forged a strong sales presence in the field in Bangladesh to guarantee its local objectives. Lesaffre team and Lesaffre’s Bangladeshi distributor – A.R.Chowdhury – work in synergy and handle customers with care and attention.

Attentiveness to clients and consumers


Wherever clients are in Bangladesh, and whether they are artisans or industrialists, they can count on:

  • Appropriate points of contact who are well-informed about their expectations
  • The latest technical tools for stimulating innovation, field support that fosters the transfer from project to product, and much, much more.

Lesaffre’s sales organization in Bangladesh is structured to be able to offer clients not only the expertise and industrial machinery of a global group that is a benchmark in the field of yeasts and yeast extracts, but also a local service that is as closely aligned to their needs as possible. The Lesaffre Sales & Marketing Department and the A.R.Chowdhury team interact daily, to perfect this personalized approach to meeting customer expectations.


Interview with Joffrey Campion, Indian-subcontinent Market Manager

Left: Md Sariful Islam Chowdhury - Middle: Joffrey Campion - Right: Md Rashedul Islam Chowdhury

As Indian Sub-Continent Sales Area Manager since July 2017, I look after Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Maldives, Israel, Palestine and Malta.

An Area Manager needs to know his markets, direct clients and final users as well as the competition, to offer the most suitable solutions, while ensuring that I remain perfectly in line with Lesaffre Group requirements and strategies.

Lesaffre and A. R. Chowdhury have been working together for over 35 years and the relationship between the two companies goes beyond a simple business framework. There is a genuine relationship of friendship and trust, and we share the same values and objectives.

Technical coordination is one of my most important roles and the one that is closest to my heart. In collaboration with Lesaffre Master Bakers, I organise technical visits to support local bakers. Our job is to listen to our customers and final users to fulfil their needs and lead them to the success they deserve.

Bangladesh, now known as the new Asian Tiger, is a country in perpetual motion fuelled by a well-educated and aware young generation showing iron will to change Bangladesh, and a lot of energy to develop it even faster. The country is now at the cutting edge in many sectors such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, IT and new technologies including digital. New ideas are blooming daily.

The Bakery Industry remains quite traditional and is very price competitive, but some projects will soon see the light of day and will be a driving force to improve the entire sector.

Today in Bangladesh, Lesaffre has a wide range of products adapted to all bakers’ needs. Our solutions are the most efficient on the market and I intend to continue with this high-quality approach, in the most cost-effective way.”


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