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What is the difference between baker’s yeast and baking powder?

Be careful not to confuse baker’s yeast with baking powder. They are not the same thing! Explanations…

Baker’s yeast is of natural origin, composed of living elements and is used to make bread, beer… for its fermenting power.

Baking powder is composed of bicarbonate of soda, potassium hydrogen tartrate and corn starch and does not allow fermentation. It is used for making cakes.

Why do we use yeast in bread?

No yeast = no bread.

The yeast allows a development of bread. If there isn’t yeast inside the dough, the bread will be flat, it’s impossible to bake a bread without yeast, the crumb will not be cooked.

How does yeast impact the taste of food?

Yeast produces aromatic compounds that contribute to the aroma and taste of bread. Yeast have an impact on the aroma of the crumb via secondary fermentation products. Yeasts play a major role in coloring bread crust.

What about yeast and health?

It is known that yeast contributes to boosting the nutritional value of bread and other products thanks to its proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and minerals, all essential to the smooth-running of human, animal and plant organisms.

Nutritional yeast, selected for its nutritive values, can be ideal for vegetarian diets, but also very useful for healthy hair, nails and skin. Enriched with vitamin B or minerals (selenium, chromium, zinc, copper or molybdene), yeast can also compensate for nutritional deficiencies.

What is an instant dry yeast?

Its name comes from the fact that it is not necessary to rehydrate it before adding it to flour. Instant dry yeast is as easy to use as pressed yeast. The fine particles of instant yeast are vacuum-packed or protection packed.

What is the history of yeast?

Its history goes back 5,000 years…with the Egyptians who used yeast to make their bread, believing it to be a miracle. Humans have always used yeast, well before writing was invented. Egyptians used it to make bread some five thousand years ago. However, they ignored the yeast fermentation process and they believed this biological reaction to be a miracle.

Before that they had been content with preparations made with cereals, gruel or flat breads as basic components of their daily diet. Bread was born the day that man realized that, with naturally fermented dough, bread could rise and its flavor and texture improved.

What are the advantages of Saf-instant dry yeast?

Vacuum-packed in the form of thin “noodles,” instant dry yeast boasts numerous advantages:

  • it can be added directly to the mixer, with no prior rehydration required;
  • it requires a dose that is three times less than that of compressed yeast;
  • its vacuum packaging boosts the stability of its fermentation power and eliminates any risk of outside contamination.

How to use Saf-instant in the most optimal way?

Directly incorporated into the flour or added at the start of kneading, Saf-instant® yeast disperses easily and mixes quickly and evenly with the dough, for optimal fermentation.

What is the difference between Saf-instant Red and Saf-instant Gold?

  • Saf-instant Red yeast is an instant dried yeast, which has been specially developed for lean or low sugar dough (0-10% sugar/weight of flour).
  • Saf-instant Gold yeast is an instant dried yeast, which has been specially developed for sweet dough (5% or more sugar/weight of flour).

Is Saf-instant adapted for all type of Bread?

The product line designed for household consumption also offers customers yeasts for all types of recipes, including breads, brioches, pizzas and more.

Can we freeze the Saf-instant yeast?

Instant dry yeast must not come into contact with ice or ice water.

What is the shelf life for Saf-instant yeast?

Two years from date of production, unless special regulations apply.

How to keep Saf-instant yeast after opening, and how long after opening?

After opening the packet, instant dry yeast must be used within 48 hours, or else resealed and stored in the refrigerator for use within eight days. The packaging of instant dry yeast in vacuum packs guarantee’s the product’s stability at room temperature, until the date marked on its wrapper.

Where can I find recipes for professional bakers with Saf-instant yeast?

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