Saf-instant® 11g and 100g Gold • LESAFFRE Bangladesh

Say hello to the new sizes of
Saf-instant® Gold yeast in

The Gold Standard in Baking Yeast

Are you ready to take your baking to the next level?
Lesaffre is thrilled to introduce Saf-instant® Gold yeast,
It’s now available in convenient 11-gram sachets and 100-gram sizes in Bangladesh.

Experience the baking magic with new sizes of Saf-instant® Gold, instant dry yeast

Easy to use

Say goodbye to complex measuring challenges, use the right amount every time you bake!

Super consistent

Get consistent results through instant dry veast proberties.
Simplify your baking process and bake with confidence.

Very convenient

Heading to a friend's party? Easily carry the convenient sachets and start baking sweet bread recipes anywhere, anytime.


Enhance Your
Baking Magic

Home Baker

Turning Passion
into Perfection

Craft Baker

Embrace Your Inner
Baking Artist

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Saf-instant yeast has been synonymous with baking excellence for 50 years.