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A clean shop and top service: best practices

A clean shop and top service: best practices

A clean shop and top service: best practices

A tidy shop window, immaculately dressed staff and excellent service are as much a part of your customer relations as the quality of the products leaving your bakehouse. In the shop, hygiene and presentation are closely linked: from handling products to cleaning your counter, here are a few practices to adopt and things to avoid.

Making a good impression

Ensuring a quality service in your shop means first of all taking care of appearances:

  • Wear a uniform when working in the shop (preferably an apron, changed daily).
  • Avoid wearing bulky jewelry.

What about wearing a mask? Apart from specific health recommendations (coronavirus), wearing a mask is advisable as soon as symptoms as mild as a simple cold appear.


Hand hygiene: wash your hands as often as possible

In contact with your bakery products and means of payment, hands are the main sources of food contamination. Remember to wash them:

  • As often as necessary, for 30 seconds (ideally with anti-bacterial soap).
  • After any change of activity (arriving at work, preparing sandwiches, cleaning, restocking, etc.).

Don’t forget to keep your nails short and well-groomed and protect any cuts with a waterproof bandage (and if possible, a glove or finger cot).


Things to avoid

In spite of impeccable hand hygiene and immaculately clean clothes, certain actions (often carried out unconsciously!) can be a source of contamination. These include:

  • Touching your face or mouth.
  • Wiping your hands on your apron.
  • Wetting your fingertip to pick up a sheet of paper or packing case.
  • Blowing into a bag to open it.


Providing top-quality service

From taking orders to taking payment, here are a few hygiene tips:

  • When serving pastries, use tongs or a cake slice (wash as often as necessary). In this way, you will avoid any direct contact with the products.
  • Wipe counters with a clean cloth as soon as crumbs, sugar grains and other food residues start to accumulate.
  • At the till, always use the same hand to handle money, the other to handle the products.