A global supply chain, with local expertise • Lesaffre Bangladesh

A global supply chain, with local expertise

A global supply chain, with local expertise

At Lesaffre, our supply chain relies on our global presence and local expertise to provide our customers with the best products and services possible. With sites spread across the planet, we can guarantee proximity; however, if the nearest site is unable to deliver a specific product by a specific time, our system can make exceptions by optimizing production, routing and shipping. Every order we send ౼ whether directly to customers or through our subsidiaries ౼ carries the promise of quality, quantity and a competitive price.


Our supply chain is incredibly agile. Through a coordinated team effort, we anticipate and understand potential challenges and react quickly in order to avoid stock shortages and delays. Our dedicated customer service specialists, assigned to each client, provide excellent service, track shipments through to final delivery and guarantee service continuity. As we continue to expand our supply chain network through acquisitions, we engage with key players around the world and share skills, experiences and insight. The transversal nature of this model makes it possible to respond to the complexity of flows.


The challenges of our business are many and we evolve accordingly. We are increasingly moving towards digitalization to simplify processes, manage orders, boost reliability and accuracy, and anticipate needs. These modern tools will help us adapt and embrace the future.

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